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It’s a pleasure to work with Ruth. She works closely with the Marketing team to grow brand awareness and sales in Germany and Austria. Ruth is multilingual, which makes communication between Annie Sloan HQ and our German customers seamless – this is priceless for our brand. Ruth’s understanding of marketing, branding and design shines through in the work she does for us and she is a wonderful ambassador for the brand.

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Natalie Evans


We employ the services of Farbagentur to represent our brand and coordinate our stockists in Germany and Austria.  We have worked with Ruth for a number of years, she has a clear understanding of our brand and our brand ethics and with that knowledge works with our Marketing and Sales departments to provide the very best level of support and service to our network of independent stockists.  

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Melanie Janeck


Ruth assists us as an Annie Sloan retailer and we always feel supported by her. She gives us excellent advice on marketing and project implementation. During the Corona crisis, she competently supported the entire retail network in order to minimise financial losses. Through her PR and social media work, she was able to increase the Annie Sloan brand's visibility in Germany and position it more attractively in the DIY decorative paint category.

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Miriam Degischer


Ruth is just awesome!

Always reliable, efficient and provides quick answers. She has an excellent command of representing the interests of both sides - manufacturer and retailer - creating understanding and also working for both parties with full commitment.

She always has an open ear and usually has good advice on hand! Due to her background as an independent retailer, she really knows what difficulties we have to deal with everyday and knows the brand exceptionally well. I am especially grateful here in Austria to have a German-speaking contact person.

Even with an acceptable level of English, it is easier to communicate in your mother tongue.

Many thanks for everything! 

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As a distributor for the Annie Sloan brand in Europe, we came in contact with Ruth in February 2020. She is our direct contact person for the 40 retailers that we have in Germany. Ruth has a lot of experience in marketing and social media and works hard to achieve the goals. She knows the Germany retail market very well and can help your brand grow! 

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Paulien Westerhof


In 2019, we asked Ruth to take care of our retailers in Germany and provide social media marketing and coordinate PR efforts. At the time, our German retailers felt uncared for and it showed in the sales. Ruth quickly managed to gain their trust and with her care, our retailers flourished. She forged new relationships and communicated well with the end consumers. She strengthened our market position in Germany and increased the visibility of the brand. We recommend Ruth as a marketing professional and enjoyed working with her.   

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Leanne van Doleweerd


I know Ruth as a very pleasant and warm person. She knows her market very well, knows her customer's needs.

She communicates very well and hits the right tone. We work together at an international brand where she is a real ambassador and knows her way around remarkably well.

Ruth is a woman with a strong network and knows how to use her contacts like no other. Especially when it comes to social media, she has the right contacts with influencers and bloggers.

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